GLOphotonics products are based on a unique key-enabling technology: the Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber (HCPFC technology) and on its functionalized form: the Photonic MicroCell.

The unique properties of such fibered technology rely on:

  • its capability to guide light in a hollow-channel
  • its capability to fill its hollow-core with a gas/vapor at required pressure
  • its microconfinement of light and gases
  • an array of cladding options allowing to exert precise control over the properties of light guidance through powerful mechanisms


Among the different hollow-core fiber families, the Inhibited-Coupling (IC) guiding HCPCF stands out with its unique optical characteristics and performances.

This technology offers a broadband guidance from UV to Infrared spectral ranges with state-of-the-art optical transmission performances setting the loss figures in IC-HCPCF at below the 10 dB/km limit with a single mode propagation.

Therefore, the extremely low optical overlap between core guided light and silica microstructure allows to this type of fiber to be an outstanding candidate to sustain and guide intense power/energy pulse laser beams.

Fibre and gas - HCPFC technology

To learn more about Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber and fibered-gas-photonics, explore the following document : Hollow-Core Fiber Technology: The Rising of “Gas Photonics”

GLOphotonics showcases demonstrations that exemplify capabilities of this fiber technology and inscribes it as a buiding block of its different products. These products/demonstrations involve harnessing optical nonlinear effects at remarkably low light levels, exciting weak spectroscopic signatures with a high signal-to-noise ratio, exploiting the strong gas/laser interaction in microconfined and long area for pulse temporal control, or in handling exceptionally high levels of laser pulse energy.

Most of our products implement this key enabling technology as a PMC to offer laser beam delivery solutions, various gas-laser related applications such as pulse compression, frequency conversion, gas spectroscopy.

The portfolio of products and offerings from GLO include two types of PMC – identified as opto-mechanical PMC and all-fibered PMC. These PMC are either integrated into turnkey systems or provided to our customer in their basic configurations.

GLOphotonics opto-mechanical PMC constitutes a piece of Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber connected to two metallic cells. These cells are functionalized with optical window access, gas/vaccum control inlets and offers a hermetic sealing with the hollow core fiber.

GLOphotonics all-fibered PMC constitutes a piece of Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber sealed hermetically at both ends by solid core fibers or glass end-caps. The hollow-core can be evacuated and/or filled with various gases.

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