Pulse Compression & Spectral Broadening

Experience breakthroughs in optical signal processing with GLOphotonics’ Pulse Compression & Spectral Broadening solutions.

GLOphotonics helps you to shorten laser pulses with the most scalable pulse compressor in the market.

FastLas is an incredible tool to change your standard ultra-short laser into an exceptional very Ultra-Short Pulse (USP) with a pulse duration at the output of the system less than 50 fs.

– Compatible with current USP lasers
– Non-linearity, broadening and compression is managed thanks to a gas filled fiber
– Water cooling allows to shorten pulses at high energy
– Responsive and efficient technical support for installation

The FastLas is equipped with a pre-alignment system to facilitate the installation and the injection of the customer’s laser signal into the FastLas.

Pulse compression & Spectral broadening
Pulse compression & Spectral broadening

Pulse compressor – FastLas

Scalable, versatile and strong pulse compression for most common ultra-short lasers

Fastlas BDP Cable - Pulse compression & Spectral broadening


Specsheet PC - Fastlas v1.00 - Data


  • Scalable wavelengths from UV to IR
  • Scalable energy from a few µJ to hundreds of µJ
  • Scalable input pulse duration
  • High average power handling
  • Outstanding pulse compression factor


  • Ultra-fast lasers
  • Ultra-fast optics
  • Femtochemistry
  • High field science
  • Laser micromachining
  • High harmonic generation