Disruptive Technology

GLOphotonics was founded to exploit a disruptive platform and key-enabling technology. A technology that spun out from Fetah Benabid’s research group carried out at the University of Bath, UK, and then at the CNRS, France. The core of GLO technology is a special optical fiber, coined hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HCPCF), and its functionalized form, the Photonic MicroCell (PMC). GLO fibers stand out with their exceptional laser power and energy handling, and their versatility. The PMC is the first and only photonic component whose functionalities are based on gases.

Glophotonics building

Multi-sector products

Based on this technology, GLOphotonics develops and commercialises photonic components, modules and sub-systems. GLOphotonics products range from Hollow-Core optical Fibers and laser beam delivery modules, to specialty lasers, pulse compressors and sensing modules or low-latency fiber cables.

Since its introduction in the market, GLOphotonics has positioned itself as a world-leading and transformative force in several industry segments that cover laser machining, medical and bio-photonics, space, sensing and datacom, to mention a few.

Enabling our partners to transform their market

Our mission is to enable our partners to transform their markets by offering unique added-value solutions. For example, in collaboration with laser manufacturers and/or machine tool integrators, GLO offers a large number of bespoke beam delivery modules for ultra-short and ultra-high-power lasers. The GLO Beam Delivery Product family is aiming to be the key differentiator in introducing laser micromachining in verticals such as automotive or consumer electronics. Furthermore, we offer specific lasers that existing technologies cannot deliver, such as our UV-CombLas. In ultra-fast lasers, our compression modules have demonstrated unmatched versatility and performance. In addition, we work with leading-edge technology partners and advanced technology developers across several markets, offering them specific products and solutions in sensing, environment, telecom and aerospace…

At GLO, we are continuously improving and extending our industrial and technological capabilities by building state-of-the art infrastructure. Our team of highly qualified engineers and R&D scientists is growing to address these broadening capabilities. GLO keeps its innovative edge via a strong partnership with CNRS-University of Limoges. GLO’s ambition is to continue offering its partners state-of-the-art Hollow-Core Fibers and their derivative modules, and to be an enviable industrial partner for the top tier players of the different markets it addresses.