Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber & Photonic Microcell ™

A large range of fiber products from award winning fiber technology.

HCPCF stands out by guiding light in a hollow channel surrounded by a
microstructured cladding.
GLO is a pioneering industrial player in this field by offering its partners varied and bespoke HCPCF.
A Photonic Micro-Cell (PMC) is a length of HCPCF filled with a gas
in a controllable fashion and hermetically sealed.
PMC offers strong gas-light interaction.

Hollow Core Photonics Crystal Fiber

Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber

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hollow core photonic crystal fiber


Ideal companion for scientists or R&D officers

in the fields of lasers, non-linear optics, gas spectroscopy…

hollow core photonic crystal fiber

Photonic Microcell

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photonic micro-cell