Beam Delivery
Systems and Integration

At GLOphotonics, we understand that every application is distinct, and that is why we provide a wide range of personalized solutions. These beam delivery systems and integration solutions can range from minor adaptations of our standard products to complete redesigns. Rest assured, our application engineers can count on a dedicated infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

We’re here to tailor our products to your unique requirements.

Patchcord cable - Beam delivery systems and integration
20230616 - CL33.C0 - BDS HP STB - Beam delivery systems and integration

IFULS : Infrared Fibered USP Laser System

Fully integrated ultra-fast fibered laser


OEM and Integration Capability 

 Beam delivery systems and integration

Integrated fibered laser system – IFULS

Fully integrated ultra-fast fibered laser

Patchcord cable


Specsheet BD - Fibered UltraFast Laser System v1.00 - Data - Beam delivery systems and integration


  • Ultra-short pulse lasers
  • High peak power
  • Fully integrated system
  • High beam quality


  • End-capping
  • Post-processed termination
  • Cell termination for gas handling
  • Water cooling


  • Micromachining
  • Bio-imaging
  • Biomedical
  • Surgery
  • Microscopy
  • OCT
  • Spectroscopy
  • Non-linear Imaging
  • Sensing
Beam delivery systems and integration

Our Solutions

We understand that every application is unique. That’s why
our Laser Beam Delivery System can be tailored and integrated to meet your specific requirements, offering a truly personalized solution.

BDP Cable

At GLOphotonics, custom Laser Beam Delivery solution always starts with a precise identification of your application specific requirements and scope of the project (unique prototype for R&D / pilot project for future volume integration…)

Then, our highly qualified engineer team works on a feasibility analysis. Early identification of the most stringent technological limitations allows our team to offer an optimized system architecture both in term of cost and performance. This phase strictly defines the KPI’s of the system including test procedures ensuring flawless communication with you and your team.

Based on our extended product lines, well-proven building blocks are ready to be deployed in your system. This approach enables time effectiveness and risk mitigation of the project while offering a high customization level.

On top of the hardware and software development and integration, all the related documentation (user guide, maintenance procedure…) is produced assisting users in maximizing the benefits of the integrated system. All of our systems & integration projects are delivered with a 2-year warranty preserving your peace of mind!

By the way, we have already developed customer inspired systems:

  • fully infrared ultra-fast fibered laser system (IFULS) based on the key industrial and academic laser,
  • a Beam Delivery System with an active pointing stabilization & a high PER output.