Technology solutions

With our highly qualified R&D staff, technology solutions, connections with the leading research institutes across Europe, 150 m2 of fabrication facilities, and 2 fiber drawing towers, we offer custom, bespoke Deep-Tech solutions in a wide range of fields spanning the range from TRL3 to TRL9.

Technology solutions

Just as the advent of Photonic Crystal Fiber transformed the field of guided optics 25 years ago, Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers (HCPCFs) are in turn leading another transformation in both photonics and atom-photonics. Although a difficult technology, thanks to the work of GLOPhotonics, it is sufficiently mature to use as an original and enabling platform for a wide range of disciplines. To truly unlock our technology solution potential GLO offers our expertise and services in creating bespoke, user-defined solutions. At heart a deep-tech company staffed by experienced PhDs equipped with leading-edge infrastructure, GLO can follow and assist in offering projects of a more research nature.

1) 2 Fiber Drawing Towers and ISO Level 7 Clean Rooms: the availability of both fiber drawing towers and clean rooms alongside our experienced staff allows us to create bespoke fiber designs better able to meet your unique needs. In addition, our fiber design team can work with you in tailoring the modal and spectral properties in ways that standard products can not achieve.

2) 150 m2 of fabrication facilities: our fabrication facilities alongside our experienced research staff allow us to transform our unique fibers into bespoke platforms. We have experience in creating platforms for continuum light generation, high-power transmission, telecommunications, UV light generation, Photonic Micro-Cells, and entangled photon sources.

3) 15 staff of PhD and research technicians: our staff have a wide range of expertise and experience in the research environment ranging from ultra-cold atoms, quantum measurement theory, fiber endoscopy, ultra-fast and continuum lasers, to fiber fabrication and design. Not only have our staff published in some of the leading research publications but we are also leading national and international funded research consortiums. This allows us to understand frontier-level research needs better and offer unique solutions.

4) Experience with collaborative research projects with major US and EU academic and research Institutes (CNRS, University of Limoges, University of Bologna, University of Innsbruck, Wigner Institute in Budapest) allows us to integrate into diverse, multi-disciplinary, and international environments. Our staff have worked on industrial and research consortiums spanning from North and South America to Japan.