GLOphotonics’ Groundbreaking Laser Technology Elevates CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
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GLOphotonics is thrilled to acknowledge the publication of
“Picosecond pulsed 532 nm laser system for roughening and
secondary electron yield reduction of inner surfaces of up to 15 m
long tubes” in the Review of Scientific Instrument. The results
reported in this communication establish an important milestone
toward the improvement of LHC actual sensitivity.

This collaboration showcases GLOphotonics’ unique expertise in
delivering ultrafast laser beam technology. Their innovative use of
hollow-core photonic crystal fibers ensures precise guidance of
ultrashort laser pulses in tight confined area, enabling CERN to
achieve reduced secondary electron yield through meticulous
surface roughening.

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Many thanks to the authors: Elena Bez, Marcel Himmerlich, Benoit Beaudou, Ana Karen Reascos Portilla, Stefan Wackerow, Martino Rimoldi, Stephan Pfeiffer, Markus Wiesendanger, Fetah Benabid, Mauro Taborelli, Amin Abdolvand, Paolo Chiggiato