EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Sea Exploration and Oceanography
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Don’t miss out this EPIC Meeting featuring GLOphotonics‘ team member, Devang Naik, July, 1st, at 3PM.

« Photonics technology is becoming a cornerstone in the advancement of sea exploration and oceanographic research, setting new standards for data collection, real-time monitoring, and sustainable practices. On July 1st, EPIC member Jérémy Picot-Clémente, PhD, will moderate a session to discuss the use of photonic sensors for measuring ocean temperatures and salinity levels, among other topics, with the following experts:

GLOphotonics – Devang Naik
YellowScanMichel Assenbaum
PicSeaAndrew Durrant
VideoRay: underwater robotsCasey Sapp
Tara Ocean Foundation – Emmanuel Boss
SEDI-ATI Fibres OptiquesClaire GUYONNET & Julien Crouzilles
BeamSea Associates LLC – Fraser Dalgleish
CSEMEleonoor Bosch « 

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